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Our team of experts specialize in providing mentorship, strategic planning and industry partnerships to nurture talented creatives. We believe the most successful and impactful artists thrive as a result of comprehensive artist development programs, so we deliver industry-leading, adaptable plans to take your career to the next level.


Our production process is characterized by nurturing and love, treating each project as a living entity deserving of patience and reverence, guiding it towards blossoming into a masterpiece.


Performance is the manifestation of our nurtured creations. We emphasize staying true to one's core and showcasing works with authenticity and bravery, akin to a flower revealing its bloom to the world.


Our team operates as a united entity, understanding the necessity of harmony and collaboration in creating symphonies that resonate with and uplift the human spirit.


Inspired by nature's wisdom, we cultivate patience, perseverance, and gradual growth, recognizing the value in evolving step by step to reach our peak potential.


Jr Appiah

Well experienced in developing independent acts, and leading the transition for celebrities from other fields of entertainment into music. Quickly turning them into major players by understanding how to capitalise on the changes in consumer culture as they happen. His contribution successfully transitioned KSI from the Youtube community into music. Having consulted for Sony & Island records, his creative marketing techniques and talent for using algorithms have seen his projects climb the top ten charts; receiving Mercury Prize nominations, MOBO and BET awards. With twenty years of experience in the music business, predominantly leading music marketing campaigns and artist development projects. He started out as a part of street teams, using guerilla marketing tactics to promote labels and albums at a grassroots street level. Moving on to setup Dcypha Productions with his business partners, an independent label that introduced the artist Sway. The most popular independent act of the early 2000s. Jr has played an important part in the evolution of the UK hip-hop and R&B scene from its conception to international success, and what we see today.


Harry S Knyt

Community Manager and A&R, who is passionate about using music as a vehicle for change. By building a network and support system with other management consultants in the music industry, he has been able to connect artists with more opportunities. Harry has worked with major management companies including Milk and Honey, Insanity Group and Sony Music, where he collaborated with mainstream artists such as Dave, Burna Boy and Headie One. Helping to develop breakout artists and their brands from raw talent into commercial success. Through his commitment to innovative branding, his work has contributed to projects achieving several number one albums and top ten singles in the UK charts.


Jason Julian

Musical Director and A&R, developing fresh ideas and pushing boundaries to help drive commercial sounds forward. Merging the realms of alt-Pop, Hip-Hop, and Dance with his roots from Mountain Elgon, Uganda. He began releasing house singles whilst still in secondary school and over time he picked up attention from Marc Williams of OddChild Music, where he began working with rising acts at the time Avelino, Ashnikko, and others. He then moved on to work with acts like Avelino, Dave, Stefflon Don and Major Lazer. In his work Jason is inspired by multilayered perspectives due his heritage. Approaching his creative input from various angles, to meet the collective goals for every artist he works with. Throughout his career Jason has been able to identify the gaps artists need to fill in order to elevate to the next level. His projects include three UK official hip-hop / R&B number one albums. And campaigns for Reebok, Levi’s, Victoria Secret, Google and Netflix.


Stefano De


A talented multi-instrumentlist and musical director hailing fom Italy. Starting his career as a member of the popular Italian band Dirotta Su Cuba, as a bass guitarist, writer, and producer. He has continued to work across the Italian music industry as a composer, radio curator and tastemaker. Producing soundtracks for Italian TV, and advertising campaigns for international brands such as Dolce and Gabana, Adidas and Coca Cola. He also worked as a vocal coach and artistic trainer on Amici (the Italian competitor of X Factor.) And taught history of modern music, arrangement and composition at prestigious Italian universities. Stefano has worked with Sony, Universal and Warner in the past. Earning numerous Grammy award nominations, Independent Grammys and Global Awards. As well as collaborating with many other critically acclaimed artists throughout his career. His work at Scorpion Music Group is focused on project engineering, developing sounds for our artists.


Lo Savio - CEO



Creative Director, music and film producer. Passionate about developing artists and empowering their communities. A champion of conscious music, dedicated to using art for the advancement of social change and sustainability. She has done major work in Jamaica cleaning up Winifred beach, and launching a cutting-edge studio space and art retreat in Montego-Bay. In addition to setting up vocational programmes in Ghana, and in Niger. With roots in flamenco, she owned a dance school in Spain, teaching all the elements of flamenco dance and rhythm. Whilst working in the music industry for the past ten years, Alessandra has made her mark. Much of her enthusiasm comes from collaborating with talented artists who share the same values. Her work with bestselling flamenco pianist and singer Diego Amador, have seen sellout shows in Spain and the US. Her vision for SMG is inspired by the diversity of the 90's London club scenes at prominent music venues Subterania, Ministry of Sound, Camden Palace and the Jazz Cafe. Incorporating reggae, house, Spanish and international sounds. She works to create music that drives social progress.



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